Pictures: Raw Beef?

I had a conversation with one of my good friends, who was an exchange student from Korea, before I left the US, telling her that I will try anything once while in Korea.  This week, I held up that promise by eating 육회 (yook hwei), or raw beef over fresh pears and topped with a raw egg yolk and sesame oil.  After mixing it all together, you take each bite and dip it in a mixture of more sesame oil and salt.  I was really apprehensive at first, as I was worried about getting sick or not liking it.  But I remembered the promise I made to myself and thought about all the delicious foods I had been afraid to try and ended up liking, like pigs feet and mushrooms.

Lo and behold, it was absolutely delicious!  It was so tasty and the texture was the perfect mix of chewy and smooth.  I would definitely eat it again!




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