Korean Homecoming and Games

Hello everyone!

I heard you got a little bit of snow there this week!  Did your school close?  I hope you all stayed safe and warm during the storm.

At your school, do you guys have homecoming?  I have good memories from my own homecoming days back in the states.  I loved getting dressed up with my friends, dancing, and eating at sharis late at night!  This weekend, I got to experience a Korean style homecoming with the club I joined!

Homecoming here is very different from the states.  It’s not a school wide event, and there’s no dancing or dressing up.  We played a lot of games, and then went out for dinner.  A ton of people who have graduated came back to play and eat with us.

We all went down to a park and split into two teams and warmed up before the guys started playing basketball.  All the girls were invited to play as well, but since it was so cold and I am not very athletic, I decided to hang back with the other girls on the sidelines.  It was really fun to cheer the guys on, and the other girls taught me a few phrases to yell while they played like “멋있어!” (meoshiseo, or handsome) and “잘 한다!” (jal handa, or good job).  Here is a video of my team scoring the first point of the game:

After that, we played a traditional game similar to hacky sack.  Four girls and two guys from each team took turns kicking the 제기 (jaegi) and then the team that scored the most points won.  I was able to kick it only twice, but a few of my friends were able to over ten times!  It was super cool, regardless of which team they were on.


Then, we played a version of dodge ball.  In this version, three girls and three guys on each side, and they were paired off, each guy with a girl.  It is the guys job to protect the girl, as the couple could only get out if the girl was hit with the ball.  The players not playing inside the court stood outside the court on the opponent’s side, and tried to hit the girls from the outside.  The guy I ended up paired with was very agressive, and I was pretty good at dodging and hiding behind him, so we won for our team!


The last game was kickball, but in Korean it translates directly to foot baseball, which I think I like better!  We made a court out of the basketball court and played while the sunset, and it started to get really cold.

I’m not sure who won, but it didn’t really matter.  It was a lot of fun getting to know the graduates, and hanging out with a bunch of the club members.



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