Hey guys!  How was your weekend?  I heard that it was very stormy there the past few days.  Did you all weather the storm okay?

Here, it has been really nice, and I can see why a lot of my Korean friends call fall their favorite season.  With temperatures in the low to mid 70s and quite a bit of sunshine (at least, compared to Oregon), it has been hard to stay inside and focus on anything!  So, this week I made a lot of time to get out of my dorm, enjoy the weather, and do a little sightseeing.  I ended up going to three parks to search out those beautiful changing leaves.

I first went to Olympic Park, an area where a lot of the events of the 1988 Olympics were held.  The area is now a large paark, and the buildings are frequently used as concert venues and exhibition halls.  There are also many museums spread throughout the park, as well as art exhibits located in the open field areas.  A lake is also located in the park, and is a popular place for couples to go on dates.

olympic park

While I was there, a traditional performance was being help lakeside on an outdoor stage.  Traditional songs, dances, and plays were performed, as well as a drum performance, with a lot of people around to watch.  The small children seemed to like it the most (and especially the drums) and ran to the front to dance along!

olympic park 2

Unfortunately, fall is really short here, so my timing was a little off to see the golden leaves.  I was afraid I would miss the changing of the leaves, but I think I was a little early since a lot of the trees were still really green.  However, the lake and park was still really beautiful!

olympic park 3

Then, this weekend, my cousin (who, I think I forgot to mention in my last post, is an English teacher here!) and I went to the Korean Forest Research Institute, since I had read that it is one of the most beautiful parks in the fall.  Again, the leaves were not what I expected, but the park was still really beautiful!  It was also not very crowded, which is something I have learned to love after two months in the big city.


kfri 2

We were really hungry after trekking all over the park, so we wandered down a side street nearby to look for a restaurant, and ended up finding another park full of colorful leaves!  We ate at a restaurant next to it and then headed inside.  The park was actually a burial site for a few members of the royal family of the Josen dynasty as well.

Ribbet collage


My cousin and I were both very glad to find a place that reminded us a little of home.  We both love fall,  but it hasn’t totally felt like fall yet to either of us.

What is your favorite season?  What kind of fall activities do you enjoy?

What would you guys like to see me do next?  What are you guys learning about in class now?

I hope you guys have a fabulous week!


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